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BA Osage Shield V-Neck Tee
BA Osage Shield V-Neck Tee

BA Osage Shield V-Neck Tee


So I have always loved the Osage Shield, its super pretty, so much history, just feels like Oklahoma to me.  Therefore, this will always be my favorite Broken Arrow emblem.  

I took a picture of the sign from a anti-littering sign and drew this design.  I think it turned out pretty awesome. 

This is on a fancy charcoal slub V-Neck tee.  Don't know why, but in my head v-necks are fancier than crew neck t-shirts.  And slubs are extra fancy, because they are textured and have a unique heather pattern to them.  

So if you need a tee when you are being fancy, I suggest this BA Osage Shield V-Neck Tee! 

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