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Oklahoma Applique Hoodie
Oklahoma Applique Hoodie

Oklahoma Applique Hoodie


First off, the feel of this new Okie hoodie will literally blow your mind.  It's like they took a cloud and flipped it inside out and sewed it into a hoodie. Don't worry about the science of this process, its fabric + cotton + cloud wizardry.  But all you will want to do is snuggle up to this hoodie, because it may be the softest thing on the planet.  

Now that I put that thought in your head - let me tell you about this majestic hoodie.  

So we at 1907, have a lot machines to make cool merchandise. This hoodie took 4. First we laser cut the wool Oklahoma, then we embroidered the wool Oklahoma on the hoodie, adding all the cute stitching. 

Once the embroidering was complete, we headed to the heat press to secure down the wool, (it's fancy heat press wool) and them screen printed the little 1907 logos on the backs. 

Moral of the story, these hoodies are extra special, and received extra special care. 

But oh man, I love the results! A classic vintage Oklahoma applique hoodie, that feels like a cloud. 100% this is a win-win! 

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