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Okie Girl Wine Tumbler
Okie Girl Wine Tumbler

Okie Girl Wine Tumbler


Fun fact, you don't have to be born in Oklahoma to be an Okie Girl.  We accept transplants.  Okies aren't stuck up like folks from some states... I won't mention any names, but they know who they are. 

Sometimes you need a big girl drink.  And more likely than not, you'd prefer it to stay icy cold, for as long as you need your big girl drink! 

Our new tumblers are the perfect 16 oz stainless steel insulated stemless wine tumblers. 

They do all the fancy scientific cold and hot whatnot and are big enough for a can of coke, or beer or a sizable amount of wine.

Did I mention they are stinking cute and since we laser engrave the designs on them, they won't chip off or anything depressing.

We can also switch up the color of the tumbler so it perfectly matches your personality. 

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