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Custom Family Whiskey Barrel Lid
Custom Family Whiskey Barrel Lid

Custom Family Whiskey Barrel Lid


You obviously would not want a whiskey barrel lid with my family's names on them...  And if you do, that's weird and you still can't have one.  

However, it'd be super sweet to get one made for your family, I bet your mom or grandmother would just melt to pieces if you gave them something so thoughtful.  

So to get one made, we need to know a couple things.....

1st - What's your Last Name, and the names of your family.  Also we need to know how you'd like them grouped.  It'd be real awkward if we mixed up which aunt goes with which uncle.  

2nd - What state would you like in the middle??  I vote Oklahoma, but we can do any of them.  We also made tiny states for each person's birth home other than the big one.  Want those too? Let us know.

3rd - What year was your family established? 

4th - What color would you like it painted, or for a bit more, we can make the monogram another piece of wood that goes on top.  

5th - We can make a more traditional monogram too if you'd prefer, and/or change the font.  We are making this for you, so we want you to love it!  

OK, get all that??  It might be easier to just give us a call and we will figure out just what you want!  Then we will put it on paper for your final approval before sending it to the laser.


20.5 inches round. 

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