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Calendula Soap
Calendula Soap

Calendula Soap


Calendula is a flower in the pot marigold family, see you learned something new today, your welcome. They are great for the extra-most sensitive skin.  If your skin has a tendency of misbehaving, this is our recommended bar for, it's nothing flashy, just effective. 

No bad stuff goes into our soaps, because it makes no sense to rub chemicals all over your body... I'm just saying.

So, you can feel good about using our soaps, or for sitting them around to look pretty - we do recommend showering or washing your hands with them, but Grandma's are stubborn.    

1907 Natural Soaps are hand crafted, in Broken Arrow, OK with all natural therapeutic grade essential oils and natural ingredients and botanicals that nourish your skin from the inside and out.

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