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Bigfoot Hoodie
Bigfoot Hoodie

Bigfoot Hoodie


I don't know if you have noticed.... But we are Bigfoot fans.  Sasquatch or Bigfoot either way, cool with 1907. 

And I know we aren't the only Bigfoot enthusiasts out there.  I've heard some crazy stories from y'all.  I personally, have never seen one... But I am not much of a looking for monsters in the woods kind of lady...  

I like the idea of him, but from a reasonable distance.  Like bears! Cute as heck, but can eat my face off...  Best to view at the zoo.  That's how I feel about Sasquatch hunting.  

So back to this hoodie, it's warm, extra comfy, stylish, hand printed by 1907, and guaranteed to attract Oklahoma's Bigfoot, but not in a he's going to eat your face off kind of way. 


  • 7.0 oz (230 gm) 55% cotton/45% polyester blend fleece
  • ring spun cotton
  • raglan sleeves
  • jersey lined hood

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