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Screen Printing with 1907

In the tradition of self-reliance, we started printing our own shirts in-house. Then we decided to share the love. So we're now offering printing services to our neighbors and local businesses around the state.

We offer a wide array of super soft tees, tanks, baseball tees,  ladies' cuts, totes, and accessories to choose from your favorite brands. 

Shirt Rack


Don't know what you want?? That's totally OK!

We can help you find the perfect look for you and your organization.  We are also great at turning kind of vague ideas into designs! After all, that's how all of 1907's tees came to be! Why not share the love?

Want your company, team, organization, or group to look really cool, and have that 1907 tee comfort you have come to love? Well then are the perfect printing company for you!

Screen Printing Press
Anytime you come into the store don't hesitate to ask about our screen printing, we would love to help you. 

Or give us a call at (918) 806-8579 or email at and we can see what you were thinking and we will send you quick quote!

We love being able to help even more great local businesses and organizations with our printing services, just like we have with the 1907 store front.

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