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First, we want to thank you for your interest in carrying 1907’s products. We do not take that interest lightly.

So - Hey, Thanks! Glad you found us!

The 1907 team is very passionate about making things we can be proud of.   We are family owned and make everything in our vast catalog.

We put a lot of love and craftsmanship into the products me make, quite a bit of hippy, by Brie, and some manliness, by Steve. – Brie smells like flowers no one has ever heard of, and Steve is the friendly Renaissance  Dude,   and is often found covered in man glitter (aka saw dust) as he creates a special wood project.  This unique combination of perspectives on the world makes some pretty cool products.

We don’t make what everyone else makes. Why would me? Those folks are already doing that… Sounds boring. We don’t follow trends. We set our own. We don’t care what’s in this Fall? We live in Oklahoma for goodness sake… By the time a trend gets here, it’s over where it started anyways? Isn’t it more fun to find your own path and own it, because it’s who you are? We certainly think so. If you are looking for a cheap copy of what somebody cool had six months ago, we can’t help you. Sorry Love.

But if you want something unique, made with the best quality ingredients, mixed, hammered, printed, and crafted with excruciating attention to detail, we would love to work with you.

We make lots of things. Caywood’s are crafty folks.

1907 Natural Soaps and Skincare

o We make cold-process natural soaps made with organic ingredients, botanicals, and

organic essential oils. Nothing else goes in our bars.

o They are safe, pure, free of harsh chemicals, and unnatural fragrances

o Not all handmade soaps are equal…. Chemicals are bad for you.... Don’t get naked and slather your body in them... – Did you notice the “irate hippie” in that sentence??

1907 skincare is gentle and simple. We just mix up things the Earth felt like growing. So, you can feel safe using them on your families, while breathing in the relaxing aromatic smells from the nice plants they are made from.

1907 Jewelry

o We have an Earthy, Okie bent to our jewelry as well. All our pieces are made with quality stones and glass, because plastic sucks, and made to last. We don’t make exactly the same thing twice. If you want 7,000 of the same necklace, please know we will find 7,000 slight variations to make. It’s more special that way.

o We have jewelry for lots of styles, from Southern to Elegant to Diffusers to Earthy and Girly. We just don’t do mass produced or tacky. OK - We might dabble in tacky…. But we won’t admit it.

1907 Tees

o Think of your favorite t-shirt. Is it super-soft? Has it not shrunk-up all weird? Could you more of less live in it and be totally cool with it? These are the shirts we print on. Stupid soft shirts. (If you don’t have a t-shirt like this, I am sorry…. I wasn’t trying to make jealous)

o We design and hand-print all our shirts. Half of them started out as little sketches, and then were redrawn a half hundred times until they were cool enough to print. We try to be a little different here too. We make Okie shirts, but they aren’t boring cookie-cutter designs. They have a distinct style to them, and did I mention they were soft?

No matter what we are creating, it’s going to be cool. We are a family of opinionated perfectionists.

There is a hardcore review process before anything gets approved. You get to skip that part though.

You’re welcome.

We would love to talk to you, and get you some more information. Send you a catalog. Learn about what you do and see if you would be a good fit for your business. Thank you for your time and interest, and we look forward with working with you very soon!!

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