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1907 Product Standards

We at 1907 like to make things; and the things we make have to be fantastic.  No, good enoughs or that’ll do, just great, and we don’t just do one thing.  

We make a natural line of skincare.  Our bar soaps are all made in small batches utilizing the highest quality all natural ingredients available. Our lye soaps are made using all natural ingredients like Shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, which all work together to create a rich creamy lather. 

We have formulated all of our scents by blending 100% natural essential oils, spices, and other botanicals, while never using any artificial fragrance. 

We also make jewelry; 1907’s jewelry is inspired by Oklahoma’s unique iconography and is made using all natural stones, mixed metals, and innovative techniques. We strive to make each piece special and no two pieces exactly the same. Every piece is handcrafted by a member of the Caywood family and every member of the family leaves their own personal mark. 

Our shirts are all 100% original designs created by us and we go to great lengths to ensure that we’re providing the best quality of shirt available to ensure that we’ve created a product you’ll want to wear again and again. 

From Skin Care to T-shirts, from Jewelry to Home Decor, 1907 is the perfect place to find something “Uniquely Oklahoma.”

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