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Bigfoot Oklahoma Tee
Bigfoot Oklahoma Tee

Bigfoot Oklahoma Tee


Bigfoot is Oklahoma's favorite mythical creature!! Whether you are a Sasquatch hunter or a Yeti enthusiast, you will look the part in this Bigfoot tee. 

I figure college football has a way of dividing Okies, but Bigfoot is something we can all agree on!

Not on whether or not he exists or anything, just that he is our fantastic beast.

The Loch Ness Monster was taken, and the Jersey Devil doesn't sound nice at all...  But Bigfoot is the world's hide and seek champ, can't be too bad of a guy, right?! 

So whether you drink in the woods at night (a true believer) or not, you know someone who needs this shirt! 

This tee is also a super soft heather brown, so you will be able to sneak up him in his natural habitat.

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