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Give Back Thursday

Posted by Brie Caywood on

Give Back Thursday Logo

We are so proud to tell you about Give Back Thursday! Give Back Thursday is a new charity night that is happening each month in the Rose District. 

The 3rd Thursday of each month is officially Give Back Thursday in the Rose District! From 5-9 PM come down and experience the fun and get involved.

Shop and we will donate a percentage of sales to a local charity! Be there or be square!

The Rose District Merchants are teaming up with great local organizations to spread some love, raise money, and awareness for local people, who could use your help and show you how you can get involved.

Pretty cool, huh?

I am the chairperson of the Give Back Thursday Committee, and I am doing all I can to get this off the ground.  Charity is my first name (it's always been a closely guarded secret... well until not... but that's OK) and I have always had a heart for helping and trying to do my part to make the world filled with a little more love.  My folks instilled this in me from a young age; everything else will fade, but love always remains.  I want love for my fellow man to be how I live my life; it's a lofty goal I know, so I asked for some help! 

The Rose District is full of locally owned business leaders with HUGE hearts! We each care about different causes and organizations.  So we aren't picking just one cause to help.  Each month we help a different cause. 

The first Give Back Thursday was June 15, 2017, and was a dog rescue night featuring Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue.  There were puppies all over Main Street and it was a cute overload!! They are still taking applications for permanent homes for needy puppies and dogs, as well as foster homes.  We are presenting them with a big check July 13, 2017, at 8 PM during the Live Music at the Rose District Pavillion.  

July 20th is the next Give Back Thursday, and will benefit Broken Arrow's Blue Star Mothers Chapter. 

We are taking donations for the Blue Star Mothers NOW!

The Blue Star Mothers send care packages to our deployed troops each month.  So we are collecting donations for items to send as well as spare change for postage.  They also send handwritten notes to the troops, and you and your family can write a note to put in the care packages.  Your kiddos are welcome to draw pictures to send to, anything to show we care about the men and women who serve. Go to their website or visit 1907 to find their needs list.

Thursday, July 20th Give Back Thursday will be with Blue Star Mothers and other local military organizations will be here as well to get connected with us, their community. We will have a letter writing stations and food and toiletry donations set up and the shops are staying open for you to shop, eat, enjoy the evening and spread some love. 

Give Back Thursday  on August 17th will benefit Adopt(Ed)

Adopt(Ed) is a local adoption and foster care education ministry here in Broken Arrow. 

We have a great line-up for the fall coming soon. 

Please help me make Give Back Thursday a long-lasting part of our community.  We are local people helping local people.  I'd like to leave the world a little better than I found it; it is doable if we all do our individual part. 


Brie Caywood




Blue Star Mothers Needs List

Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue


Video Explaining Give Back Thursday



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